Commodity Reserves

The primary task discharged by the department for the state commodity reserves is to ensure supply of foodstuffs and non-food products classified as bare necessities for people to live normal lives, as well as to provide strategic raw materials necessary for the operations of the manufacturing industries.

The programme for stockpiling a selected commodity to be included in the state reserves is laid down by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in the five-year programme in which the categories of products and the minimum quantity of products of the same category to be readily available as supplies are specified. The Agency prepares its annual programme of work and its financial plan (budget) on the basis of the five-year programme. The programme of work and the financial plan (budget) are presented to the Agency’ Administrative Board for approval. The programme for setting up the commodity reserves stipulates that the state commodity reserves have to be maintained and replenished (renewed) to keep the same level of stocks, as well as the commodity reserves restructuring or a decrease, that is, an increase in the quantities of particular types of products.

In the event that the state commodity reserves should increase, the Agency procures the necessary products in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the public procurement area, and observes the provisions governing the public procurement policy and practice when it comes to disposal of the stocked products not treated as the state commodity reserves any longer – all in accordance with the decisions taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the ministry in charge of food and non-food products supply. The Agency replenishes and/or renews the commodity reserves by arranging with the contracting parties to exchange a particular kind of commodity stocked as commodity reserves by the products produced at a later date than the stocked ones, and the new supplies shall be of the same class, quantity and quality.
The tasks discharged by the department for the state commodity reserves include:
  • launching public tenders for the procurement of goods,
  • carrying out procedures for the disposal of goods,
  • organising the storage and replenishment of the strategic reserves in own or in rented storage facilities and concluding contracts for the storage and replenishment of the commodity reserves,
  • performing oversight of the quantity and quality of the commodity reserves and carrying out the measures serving to maintain the mandatory quality level of the commodity reserves,
  • organising packaging, processing and transport of food and non-food products,
  •  purchasing insurance policies to protect the Agency’s assets, and
  • renting real estate and equipment.
The Agency stores its commodity reserves:
  • in the storage facilities owned and managed by the Agency,
  • in the storage facilities owned by the Agency and managed by the co-owners or other companies selected on the basis of a public tender procedure, and
  • in the rented storage facilities.
The Agency’s own storage facilities also managed, that is, operated by the Agency, primarily serve for storing the commodities that do not require any special storage conditions and that are renewed (replenished) at longer periods. The Agency stores the larger portion of the state commodity reserves in the storage facilities that belong to the Agency but are run by outsourced operators to the extent that enables on-going renewals (replenishment) of the stocked products. The Agency stores in the rented storage facilities primarily such products that require a special storage regime  too complex for the Agency to ensure in its own storage facilities, that is, the products having specific characteristics and demanding frequent renewal of stocks.

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